The spring has the lowest temperature (25-30 degrees celsius), the lowest mineralization (170 milligrams per liter) and the lowest fluorine content (1.5 milligrams per liter). It has a relatively high alkalinity (Ph = 9.2), does not contain sulphide sulfur, does not smell and has taste-quality qualities. The content of radioactive elements is thousands of times lower than the specified concentrations for drinking.

The water flow in the factory is stabilized to a magnitude that can satisfy the development of relatively large water production. A flow rate of 1 liter / second or 86 cubic meters / 24 hours provides daily production of 60-65,000 1 liter or 200,000 1/3 liter bottles of mineral water or non-alcoholic beverages.

Medical properties:

renal / urological diseases / chronic pyelonephritis, urolithase, cystitis, urethritis, mild chronic nephritis and early renal insufficiency /; chronic intoxications with lead, mercury, bismuth, manganese and pharmacological agents, dental caries, age-related osteoporosis.


Temperature 26 degrees
Bicarbonate alkalinity 0.450 milligrams equivalent to DM3
Hydrogen reading (H) 9.16
Content of free carbon acid none
Magnesium ion content 0.2 g / m3
Content of calcium ions 3.0 g / m3
Content of alkali bases 0.018 g / m3
Chloride content 2.4 g / m3
Sulphide content None
Total salt content in water 169.3 g / m3


Ammonius – not found
Sodium 44.4 1.931 1.931 89.19
Potassium 2.5 0.064 0.064 2.96
Calcium 3.0 0.075 0.150 6.93
Magnesium 0.2 0.010 0.020 0.92
Total 146.4 3.469 2.165 100.00
Metasilicic acid 22.9 0.293 Total metasilicic acid content – 24.1 mil/l
Total content 169.3 3.762


Aluminum 0.005
Arsene 0.007
Vanadium under 0.001
Iron 0.024
Cadmium under 0.001
Cobalt 0.007
Mangan 0.012
Copper 0.001
Selene 0.012
Chrom 0.0006
Zinc 0.006


The total water mineralization is 0.169 g/l. It is characterized as hypothermal, low-mineralized, hydrocarbon-sulphate sodium. From the sanitary and chemical point of view there are no signs of contamination. Since 1978 until now the composition and physical properties of water have not changed.

The mineral water factory is located near the village of Dolna Banya, Sofia district, on approximately 3.5 decare plot. The distance to the capital Sofia is about 60 km and 10 km away of “Trakia” highway. Only 5 km. away there is a railway station, if need train transportation for logistics.

The factory is equipped with brand new chinese water bottling lines – 19 l. bot. – capacity 150 per hour, 1.5 l. and 0.5 l. The factory also has a machine for producing natural juices.

Price: 2 500 000 euro

If no interest for buying the factory, there is certain possibility to consider start of negotiations for export of mineral water.