About us

We have the pleasure to introduce our company “Live Invest Bulgaria”, Sofia, Bulgaria, which is the outcome of 17 years of experience on the Bulgarian market.

“Live Invest Bulgaria” is a real estate and business development company serving mainly foreigners and expats who are inquisitive and would like to approach Bulgaria as a lucrative business and investment hub in the Balkan region. With a specialized team in various sectors, we are successfully able to cater for new business ventures as well as secure profitable investments in various fields.

Business strategy

Our primary objective and concern is to guide carefully our clients and investors in order to realize strategic decisions through insight planning driving their business to full economic potential. Our objective is to pave the way and create a set of action for launching a business and follow the process in order to achieve long-therm sustainable growth. In business, realizing profit and growth is an imperative commitment and not an option.

Real Estate

“Live Invest Bulgaria” has a vast experience over the years in attracting professionally and successfully International investors in Real Estate to Bulgaria. ”Live Invest Bulgaria” arranges the whole visit for the International investor to Bulgaria from the stage of “meet and assist ” to the field visits, through the consulting and juridicial services by our eminent lawyers , preparation of notary deeds and documents certifiying the acquisition until payment arrangements and the other details. We have exclusive deals for top-notch plots of land as well as exclusive deals with developers for residential apartments and seasonal apartments on the Black Sea and in Winter ski resorts.

“Live Invest Bulgaria” collaborates professionally with local Real Estate agencies in Bulgaria when required.